Welcome to the Western Country Cousins Webpage
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Welcome to the Western Country Cousins. Our WCC Club call sign is W6CCN

Our Club motto is:

"Service and help to mankind; when in need , call a Country Cousin" We meet at 9:00PM Pacific Time on or near 3.970 MHz LSB

We encourage visitors to check in with our Net Controls whenever "Visitors and Strikers" are called. Please check in with your call sign, name and location.

Check out "Striking for Membership" below for complete details. Click here to access our QRZ page at W6CCN links to the URL www.qrz.com/db/W6CCN

Striking for Membership

"Strikers" are Visitors who wish to become members of the Western Country Cousins. Striking for membership in the Western Country Cousins requires four check-ins over five weeks on the SAME night of the week (4 Tuesdays, 4 Fridays, etc.). You may check in on as many nights of the week as you desire. Strikers are asked to keep a log of their check-ins including the date, the call sign and name of the Net Control who checked you in. When you have completed your four check-ins (strikes) in a five week period we ask that you send us a short letter about yourself with a $10.00 donation. Along with your letter please include a list of your check-ins including the date, time and the net control's name and callsign. You may also want to include a picture of yourself and/or your shack, and/or a QSL card. The $10.00 donation helps to cover our cost of postage, membership certificates, cards and decals. It also entitles you to a Lifetime Membership in the Western Country Cousins. Please mail the above to our Secretary Treasurer:

Eric Booth, W7EV

35550 NW Bacona Road

Bacona, OR 97109

When your letter and other documents have been received by our Secretary he will read your letter on the air. W7EVB is our alternate Monday night net control so Monday nights would be a good time to check in so he can read your letter. Once your letter has been read on the air your membership certificate, membership card and Western Country Cousins decal will be mailed to you. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Western Country Cousins.


Jaye KE6SLS President

April W7ANC Vice-President

Eric W7EV Secretary/Treasurer

Health & Welfare Manager Roy N5SWE

Brian AG6GX Webmaster, San Jose, CA



a. President has ultimate responsibility for overall WCC operations, interpretation of the By Laws and Constitution, and decides issues not covered by the By Laws.

b. He/She may, with approval of BOTH the Sec/Treas and VP, make other appointments to help run WCC operations.

c. He/She is responsible for proper yearly nomination and elections of officers.

d. President, or his designate, shall determine date and location of annual Picnic/installation of officers.

e. All Officers report to the President.


a. Vice President shall assist the President in implementation of his duties.

b. He/She will, in the absence of a designated Net Manager, assume the Net Manager duties, including scheduling and calendar rotation.

c. VP shall assume duties of the President if President is incapacitated.


a. Sec/Treas shall collect, account for and safeguard all WCC money and pay bills in a timely manner.

b. He/She shall send welcoming packet to new members and assign new membership numbers.

c. He/She shall assume duties of the Vice President if incapacitated.


1. Web Master Cousin Brian AG6GX tkc6uzk@aol.com personal web page at AG6GX

2. Health & Welfare Manager Cousin Roy N5SWE

3. W6CCN Trustee Cousin Roy N5SWE

4. Net Manager Cousin Dennis WB6CGJ

5. WCC Historian Cousin Roy N5SWE

6. WCC Facebook Page Manager Cousin Roy N5SWE

7. WCC QRZ Page Manager Cousin Roy N5SWE

Membership Roster

Here is a web link for WCCN_Members_02_04_2024.pdf


The W6CCN group, Jaye (KE6SLS) and April (W7ANC) especially,

would like to have feedback on Next years up comming Picnic.

Potential loacations could include Northern California or Southern

Oregon, any comment on loaction, who is intreseted, or any other topic

would be greatly appreciated.

W6CCN is a late night net. The net begins at 9 pm on the west coast and 10 pm in much of our territory. Much of our membership is composed of early rising working people or retired people in their 8th decade or better. Taking net control duty for either of these two groups for an open-ended late night net is mostly a non-starter. In an attempt to generate more interest in net control volunteers, the officers have made a unanimous decision. Net control duty will now be for one hour. No net control should feel obligated to carry the net beyond one hour. For a one hour net, read the post-amble at 5 minutes before the hour. Then make a last call for check ins, closing the net near the top of the hour. Should the net control decide he/she wants to stay on the net longer, please announce at 5 minutes to the hour your intention to remain on the net for check ins. It is our hope that with a no-guilt one hour net commitment we can attract some vastly needed net controls, without shortening the net for any net control with the night time to hang in there until all check ins are exhausted. Long live the Western Country Cousins,




Being a Net Control is easy and fun! All of the Officers and Net Controls will be there to assist you in getting started. The Net Control Procedure is simple and is listed below.

To volunteer to become a Net Control contact VP Cousin Dennis WB6CGJ or our Secretary/Treasurer Cousin Eric W7EV, or contact the webmaster by clicking here or any WCC officer on the Net.

Click on any of the links below to download the Net Control Calendar, a Membership Roster or the Net Control Procedures.

Here is a web link for WCCN_Members_02_04_2024.pdf


Here is a web link for April_2_2024_proposed.pdf

Here is a web link for March_2024_Proposed.pdf

Here is a web link for Net_Control_Script_WCCNET.pdf

You may locate any member in the Member Roster by Member Number or Callsign by using the Find command in your browser or editor.

WCC Net Control Procedures

QST, QST, QST. This is Cousin (name, call, city, State), net control for W6CCN and the Western Country Cousins Net. This net meets nightly at 9:00 PM Pacific time on or near 3970 kHz”.

“Our motto is: Service and help to all, when in need, call a Country Cousin”.

All qualified Hams are welcome on this net. Ask your net control or check www.w6ccn.us about how to join.

Call for any mobile stations.

Call for relays for mobile stations.

List our net Officers:

President Cousin Jaye KE6SLS

Vice President Cousin April W7ANC

Secretary Treasurer Cousin Eric W7EV

Health and Welfare Cousin Roy N5SWE

Webmaster Cousin Brian AG6GX

Call for the Health and Welfare Manager's report.

Call for any Members with Health and Welfare.

Call for anyone with Net Business.

Make 1 call for NET CONTROLS only.

Make 2 calls for MEMBERS only.

Make 1 call for VISITORS and STRIKERS.

At this time open the net to MEMBERS, VISITORS AND STRIKERS.

Prior to closing the net, read the closing statement:

“The Western Country Cousin net meets nightly on or near 3970 kHz at 9:00 PM Pacific time. Our motto is service and help to all, when in need call a Country Cousin".

Call for any late or missed MEMBERS, VISITORS OR STRIKERS.

Close the net: “I will now close this net at (Pacific time) and return this frequency to regular amateur use. W6CCN and this station (your call) are now clear”.


When clearing with each station wait for the count of three to allow any breaking stations to be heard.

Mobile stations always have priority and go to top of list.

Keep the net open for at least one hour.

Net controls may move the frequency to accommodate a smooth and efficient net.

Our Mission

We as Amateur Radio Operators are a unique group. We are a proud group who all passed a license examinations and received license to operate on our assigned frequencies. We all have knowledge that has been expanded thru study, hard work and practice.

With our gained knowledge, most of us have chosen slightly different paths within our Ham realm. Some are here for public service, others to experiment with ATV, Digital modes, building and design or to socialize with others with like interests etc. The list goes on and on.

We are self policing, we are independent, we help one another and we all enjoy more than one aspect of our hobby. I know I have left out lots but I wanted to open a subject I believe we should pursue. Public Relations and Advertising.

Our net has a Picnic/Camp Out during last week in July every year. We have additional functions but wanted to use this as an example.

Our Picnic/ Camp Out will be advertised in several Ham Radio group magazine and news letters. But we need more. Let’s let every group, Organization, and Public news media know we are there. Let the public know they are welcome to visit, socialize and find out what Ham Radio is about. Spread the word on Kids Day, Field Day and every day!

With that said, I believe our net would benefit from a new appointed position of Public Relations Officer. Someone who can “spread the word”. Do we have a volunteer?



Cousin Ken's (NV7SS) sister Diana is in hospital on account of infection.

Cards and letters would be appreciated.

Kenneth E Taylor

PO BOX 134

Indian Springs, NV 89018


Cousin Paul Garcia #2309 KB7MXT has become a silent key. Cousin Paul

was a former Health and Welfare rep. for the WCCN. Cards and letters

to family would be appreciated.

Paul J Garcia




Dennis WB6CGJ, wife, Sylvia WD6BFD has been in hospital to balance

minerals and fluids in her body.

Cards and letters would be appreciated.

Sylvia Ambrose

9971 N La Jolla Dr.


Email: wb6cgj@arrl.net


Cousin John NX6DX and wife Karen were in automobile accident

where both went to hospital and John has not been released.

Cards and letters would be appreciated.


2032 Clover Dr

Willits, CA 95490


Cousin Robert the Farmer #2238 wife Mary is in hospital

following colon surgery. Cards and letters would be appreciated.

Robert J Wampler




Cousin Linn AC7XO #2328, has become a silent key. Cards and

letters would be appreciated: His wife name is MaryAnn McBride.

Linville P McBride




Cousin Ken, NV7SS, lives with his sister. Her name is Diana and is

in hospital with a foot infection. Cards or letters would be appreciated.

Kenneth E Taylor

PO BOX 134

Indian Springs, NV



Cousin Gabby, KE7ADN (#2357) has a remission of cancer.

Cards and letters appreciated.



ATHOL, ID 83801


Cousin Dave (K6DCL) is scheduled to have hip surgery on Monday October 2.

Cards and letters will be appreciated.


4614 Heney Court

Valley Springs, CA 95252


Cousin Worth #2544 W7WG is a silent key. Cards and letters would

be appreciated.





Cousin Roy's (N5SWE) wife Nancy is at home recovering from surgery

Cards or letters will be appreciated.

Nancy Dickinson

11718 S. Sandra Ave

Yuma, AZ 85367 5907


Cousin Jim NB6TE recently had hip surgery and then caught COVID.

Cards and letters would be appreciated.

James R Joyce


Stewarts Point, CA 95480-0099


If you have information regarding your or a Member's health or welfare and would like to have it posted here please contact: Cousin Roy N5SWE or email the webmaster at tkc6uzk@aol.com.

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Above: Quartzfest AZ. : L To R N5SWE WA6IGX, WB6CGJ, KF6JG

Here is a web link for WCCNET_BYLAWS_11_02_1995.pdf